Sunday, September 30, 2012

Studying the landscape and color roughs

These little landscape studies are for my illustration 4 class (which is plein air painting). We have been going out every Friday to paint the Provo landscapes. In between classes we've been painting master study landscapes. It's been a lot of fun. Here is a preview of a few of my little master copy studies. 

This is for a project that I'm working on in Senior Studio 1.  The theme is buffet. yum. I decdied to take it to a Hawaiian side of things and explore a child's view of a too tall buffet table. She can't quite reach what she wants off the table. The black and white sketch is my rough value sketch.  (I added another palm tree to the left side in the final) and the small paintings below that are color studies to decide which direction I wanted to take the color. It's quite the process. I'm working on the final piece right now and will post it when I am finished.

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