Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The process of oil painting

My Senior Studio 2 class this semester is all about figure painting. The first painting we did was a head study, the second was a full figure study. This is the third painting, another full figure study. I have spent 3 class periods so far on this painting... which is about equal to 8 hours of painting time. This painting is by far my favorite piece from this class so far and we still have 3 more 3 hr. class periods to spend on it, which I truly can say that I'm excited for. The last painting I did, was a small little guy about 16"x20". This new painting is 24"x36"! I've decided I love painting big and if you ever get the chance to try it, DO IT! Check back in a couple of weeks for a photo of the finished painting. :) 
p.s. sorry it's not the best photo... but I it get's the basic idea across... and it's still a pretty loose painting anyways. 

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Monster Show at Muse Cafe

So this past month almost everyone in the BYUIA (BYU Illustration Association) has been working on monster projects for a show we put up at the Muse music cafe. I joined in with the creativity and thought about the many moster themed pieces that I could create. I decided to go with the idea of illustrating a venus fly trap...  I started with the first sketch and worked my way to a finished sketch and final piece. Everyone that created a monster submitted their work framed to Hana, and all of the pieces are now up and being shown at Muse.

I've also been looking around for inspiration from fellow artists. A few that I really admire are: Mary Blair (google search her, she did a lot of early concept work for Disney.), Mike Hutton (link to his website here) and Steve Simpson (link to his website here). Super amazing artists and just a few of the many I admire. Now you can look at my monster piece, and if you like it lots and lots, it is for sale at the Muse Cafe on University Ave. in Provo. ;) Go check out the sweet monster art at Muse and become a little more cultured. (In a Provo sense of being cultured haha)

These were my first sketches for this project.
This was my first go at the venus fly trap

First unplanned attempt at the final. Decided I didn't really like how it turned out...

This was my last final sketch. :)

Final Painting.

I love art.