Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Exciting News & a little update on my art life.

Hi friends!

It's been quite a while since I've posted anything here on my blog. I am committing to try harder to keep it updated. This year has gone by SO quickly and I can't believe it's already October. So I'll just do a quick update for you. Last December I started working at American Crafts as a marketing designer. I helped with the packaging, instagram graphics, and ads/marketing material. It was fun, I made some new friends and learned some important design skills. Now I'm going to skip a few months ahead to May... and tell you about my travels.

One of my life long goals (for the sake of my wanderlust and love of art) was to travel to Europe. Well, Scott & I finally made it to Europe in May! We started saving when we got married last year in May of 2013 and we made our savings goal this spring. Europe was an adventure. We started in London, and worked our way to Paris, Zurich, Venice & Rome. It was two and half weeks of art, architecture, cultural experiences and endless walking. Now I'm wishing I could travel to Europe again, but for now I have other goals... like making beautiful art.

After about 6 months of basically doing packaging every day of my life at AC, I decided that I really needed a more creative job. I really would have liked to stay at AC and work on their product design team... but that wasn't an option, so I decided to move on. I applied at Die Cuts With a View (DCWV) and was offered a position on their design team. I took the job and have been there since. I'm on their home decor team and occasionally get to design scrapbook products. It's been fun and I have quite enjoyed working at DCWV. There is just something about being creative and using my illustrations skills that makes me SO happy.

NOW my exciting news. I've been doing a little bit of designing on the side after work and I have some good news that comes with that. I entered minted.com's fabric design challenge a few weeks ago and two of my designs were picked to actually be made into fabrics! I created a few different color varieties for each fabric and I'll let you know when they're for sale on minted. I'm so excited to finally have some of my patterns made into fabric.

So that's my update. My art life is starting to come together (I think.) It has been great to work full time doing creative things every day.

*So here are the designs that were picked my minted to be made into fabric. The first one of each bunch is the original coloring and the following designs are color variations. I hope you like them.