Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The process of oil painting

My Senior Studio 2 class this semester is all about figure painting. The first painting we did was a head study, the second was a full figure study. This is the third painting, another full figure study. I have spent 3 class periods so far on this painting... which is about equal to 8 hours of painting time. This painting is by far my favorite piece from this class so far and we still have 3 more 3 hr. class periods to spend on it, which I truly can say that I'm excited for. The last painting I did, was a small little guy about 16"x20". This new painting is 24"x36"! I've decided I love painting big and if you ever get the chance to try it, DO IT! Check back in a couple of weeks for a photo of the finished painting. :) 
p.s. sorry it's not the best photo... but I it get's the basic idea across... and it's still a pretty loose painting anyways. 

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